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Performing on K-Pop Boy Group MCND's World Tour: London Concert

Holly was invited to share the stage with K-pop boy group MCND at their first ever UK concert on the Europe leg of their 1st World Tour in April 2022, after winning their Europe dance competition. This was an unforgettable day filled with so many beautiful memories for her and her crew KONCEPT.

Check out the full HD Live Stage Performance + conversation with MCND:

Thank you so much to the MCND team, Top Media and Torpedo Powered by Overlook for having us perform, as well as the amazing fans that cheered us on! Gems (MCND's official fan name) were so supportive and the energy in the venue was incredible. I'll never forget how warm my heart felt hearing all the unexpected screams of "HOLLY!!!!" from the crowd as we were walking on stage to perform!


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